I had a boyfriend whom about a year ago got ¬†obsessed with the idea that I was cheating (i wasnt)..He eventually got somewhat violent and I left the rental house he rented, but didnt get a lot of my more expensive things out within the first few days.. when I returned to get them, he had moved them to a friends garage and claimed they were his belongings to the police and they believed him. He also claimed I stole “his” belongings..

He has and had no job, claims hes disabled, smokes a lot of weed (for pain). I am a hard working, motivated income earner. I am busy always and run a tidy home and tight ship.

Since that time I bought myself a home and do quite well. The boyfriend didnt fair so well and karma bit him in the ass. He needed a place to live (hes a slob) so, i reluctantly allowed him to stay with me. He has been very polite , although he isnt very tidy and has no income to help with bills. Now, I have to go away in 1 month for a while and he wants to stay in my house on my dime while I am away… what do you think the chances are that this guy will try to claim my possessions and possibly my home while I am away? I am requesting him to move out before I leave so I can lock my house down tight, but, he says he wont take my stuff and thinks I should allow him to stay here. Im afraid he will since he burned me for about 4 grand in cash and prizes last time and also, im afraid he will let my place turn into hog heaven.. maybe destruction too.

All in all I think i’d be a fool to allow him to stay. Should I give this dude a second chance and have faith or cover my assets and kick him to the curb???

Emotional Abuse

Saying words to defend myself, 
are putting a strain on my health.
It’s never enough, I can’t get through.
You will never realize that I love only you.
You keep watch over my every move,
I can not win, therefore you loose.
I’m not putting up with your crap,¬†
control…. I’ve had enough of that.